When I got the invite to do a piece for SLB, they asked me to do something 50's and/or what SL means to me in 2019.
I've been a resident on the grid since 2012, joining after reading an article about it on a book about digital art. Took me 5 years to use the Second Life as a creative platform and maybe I wouldn't do any different. Sometimes we need to know our ground to move to the next step.
The short deadline and the challenge somehow seduced me. But what would be the 50's? I am a 90's child. My research on the art field starts in the 60's with the tropicalism.
Here in Brazil, the event I could remember right away was the construction of Brasília; Niemeyer architecture and Athos Bulcão tiles, the bossa nova and the now known tension built up before the military coup.
Second Life plays a different role for each and every one of us, but I feel that in the bigger picture it represents a refuge, a scape, somewhere we can reinvent ourselves and interact with others. I wanted to highlight the social aspect but also the individuality with the distint pods. Most of all, I wanted to create a relaxing atmosphere. Plants, hammocks, dirt on the ground and the finest selection of bossa nova playing on the background.
CONFUGERUNT is what came from the mix of all of this.

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